Top Ten Destinations

  • ISTANBUL – Worldwide favorite yachting destination

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    Istanbul, the city built over seven hills which covers over the two continents Europe to Asia being divided by the Bosphorus Channel. In its thousands of years of history, it has been the capital of three great empires, namely Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

    Istanbul has remained Turkey’s largest city, port, business and cultural center as well featuring one of the most important waterways being the Bosphorus. Come and enjoy the priviledge of cruising throughout the Bosphorus with its own endless history at every point along the way from houses to castles to palaces and much more...


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    Ayvalik, a historical and archeological area going through many changes within lime and featuring beautiful coast and coves.  Known for its vast olive groves and for its history of olive production, including all products made of olive oil, covering from soaps to wonderful food.

    Mother nature shows her magic sunsets with a spectrum of yellows, warm orange to deep reds transforming hot days into a nice tranquil evening.   The town is rustic, oriel windowed houses, rough cobblestone pavements and quite narrow streets, where Greek, Cretan and Turkish can be heard simultaneously, the Cunda Island awaits his visitors to be fascinated with its spirit reflecting the common culture of the Aegean.


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    Kusadasi being one of the most important historical centers in the Aagean Region is the closest port to some of Turkey’s most unique and important sights that must be seen if visiting Turkey.  Don't miss the creation and historical background of Turkish Carpets on the silk road and the mythical house of Virgin Mary where the “healing water” spring is found.  The Kusadasi Port, with its close proximity to historical sites such as Ephesus,  Miletos, Priene and Didyma,  is only 15 miles away from the Greek Island Samos.