Zadar Outdoor Festival 2017

Zadar Outdoor Festival Apr 27 2017 to Apr 30 2017

Leaders of adventure and tourism in Zadar county came together under the name ZADAR OUTDOOR FESTIVAL to consolidate attractions that this place offers: sailing, trail, swimming, cycling, sea kayaking, running and rafting. Sea, land, rivers and mountains of the Zadar region for four days in April 2017 will become a natural, world sports arena for professionals and amateurs and will challenge competitors around the world to test their sports abilities as well as to have great time while doing it.

The waters of Zadar channel will host sailing regatta and swimming marathon and sea kayak race will take place before the old town. Lovers of rafting will find their adventure in the magical environment of hidden beauty of Zrmanja river, and for all those who praise the sea – and stick to the land, there will be prepared three very attractive disciplines: cycling, running and trail of three rivers. Competitors have the option to choose to run towards the world famous and the most beautiful sunset in Zadar, to bike on attractive tracks or to dare to trail three rivers – one of the most attractive route that Europe has to offer.